We certify that the products invoiced are original or interchangeable with original parts. Our products are manufactured according to: documents, technical data and standards specified by the manufacturer/dealer, international ratifications and standards as written on every product and respect European quality standards.

Products invoiced have a warranty term according to 449/2003 republished Law, OG 21/1992 republished and to 296/2004 republished Law. Warranty is applied for hidden defects, as well as for material or manufacturing faults.

According to 449/2003 Law warranty is applied whether the customer respects the user guide specified by manufacturer.

Products that present manufacturing flaws in the warranty period will be repaired, changed with other new parts or, in some cases, customer will benefit of a special discount.

Warranty term is applied in this way:

– 24 months from manufacturing date engraved on the plate of WABCO parts;

– 18 months for long term using parts;

– 12 months for batteries, but not more than 50.000 kms.

– 6 months for supplies: suspension system, direction, holders, shock absorbers, air springs, tires, cables, filters, belts, wipers, simerings, rubber elements, friction elements, etc.

For the products that benefit of manufacturer warranty, it will be applied according to producer documentation. If the warranty term specified by the manufacturer is longer than the period specified above, for some products it will be applied the period established by the manufacturer.

No warranty is given or the guarantee is cancelled under the following conditions:

– Parts have not been installed in a specialised workshop RAR authorised for services and compatible vehicle brand.

– There are marks of bumps, scratches, bends or the action of external factors on the parts.

– Parts exhibit normal use.

– Parts are damaged due to inappropriate assembly or together with other used or modified spare parts;

– Fault is caused due to overuse, incorrect or insufficient maintenance of the vehicle or without periodic inspections in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or because the workshop which installed them has not established the verifications and subsequent adjustments, as imposed by installing technology or by the one established by the manufacturer.

– Product has been used for a purpose other than the one specified in the manufacturer’s catalog or was mistakenly identified and fitted due to buyer’s presentation of erroneous data.

– The product has deficiencies due to a traffic accident or other (thermal shocks, electrical shocks, mechanical shocks).

– Normal use of the parts entering in the standard maintenance flow of the vehicle.

– Used parts whose longevity depends on the time of use of the vehicle.

– If the customer changed something on the product after finishing the repair;

– For electrical and electronic components the warranty is canceled if they have been subjected to interventions not in accordance with the technical specifications of the vehicle (starting with the robot, welding on the chassis, etc).

If any non-conformities or complaints are found, please notify us in writing. Our contact details are:
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Phone: +4 0749.102.603 / +4 0749.102.608
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